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Dissection of Psychology Today by our Esteemed Ameturasu

Our wonderful friend Ametrasu has this lovely dissection for us to share, from Psychology Today: (Her comments in blue) Original Article found … y-disorder

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is a severe condition in which two or more distinct identities, or personality states, are present in—and alternately take control of—an individual.
… And the thing that linked me to this article was Multiple Personality Disorder. Is Psychology To-day confused? (They are, but we’ll get to that later.) See, the identity/personality thing is contradictory. An identity is not a personality. And they don’t take control of an individual. The body is a shared vessel. If you want to think about it in a certain light, the “alters” are other souls – sharing a body.

The person also experiences memory loss that is too extensive to be explained by ordinary forgetfulness.
Not entirely true. Romanticised by Sybil Moment: 1 Not all Multiples experience such extensive memory loss. I know I didn’t. To think that all Multiples experience such extensive memory loss is rather ignorant and mostly comes from a lack of research and, you know, thinking.

DID is a disorder characterized by identity fragmentation rather than a proliferation of separate personalities. The disturbance is not due to the direct psychological effects of a substance or of a general medical condition, yet as this once rarely reported disorder has become more common, the diagnosis has become controversial.
No. No. Motherfucking NO. Epic fail in the research dept. On Psychology To-day’s side. (Romanticised by Sybil: 2) This ‘disorder’ as they so generalise it, isn’t “identity fragmentation”. That suggests a “scared side” as an alter (and so forth). Here’s another beef I have with this paragraph: They jump from a ‘disturbance’ to how controversial this ‘disorder’ is. WHAT?!
Let’s move on.

Some believe that because DID patients are easily hypnotized, their symptoms are iatrogenic, that is, they have arisen in response to therapists’ suggestions. Brain imaging studies, however, have corroborated identity transitions in some patients. DID was called Multiple Personality Disorder until 1994, when the name was changed to reflect a better understanding of the condition—namely, that it is characterized by a fragmentation, or splintering, of identity rather than by a proliferation, or growth, of separate identities.

Okay, that first sentence is true. Some people do believe that Multiples are easily hypnotised. However, I want to stab the author of this article in the chest for skipping again. First, he (she?) is talking about transitioning, then to the history of the name.
Again, Multiples aren’t “fragmented” or any of that shit.

You know, what gets me is that they have the truth right in front of them and they can’t see it. This person seems to think that a Multiple has different personalities as opposed to separate identities. Yes. There is a difference.
A personality is numerous traits cobbled together to create one part of a person.
An identity is a separate person. Complete with likes, dislikes, personality traits, and many other things.

DID reflects a failure to integrate various aspects of identity, memory and consciousness in a single multidimensional self.

Wait…what? Multiplicity doesn’t reflect a failure to keep your you one person. Multiples have entirely separate identities. Not just cardboard cutouts as this selection suggests.
Usually, a primary identity carries the individual’s given name and is passive, dependent, guilty and depressed.
This makes no sense to me. A primary identity is….what, exactly?  Is it an alter who has been there for a long time? Is it a front-runner? I don’t know because this article isn’t telling me anything!!

When in control, each personality state, or alter, may be experienced as if it has a distinct history, self-image and identity.

Because they do.  Most of the time. Funny story behind that, reader. I’ll tell you one day when you’re old enough.

The alters’ characteristics—including name, reported age and gender, vocabulary, general knowledge, and predominant mood—contrast with those of the primary identity.

Not always. Some alters are quite close to the front-runner; for a variety of reasons, really. One of these is because the alter really isn’t too different from the front-runner by default. Another reason could be because the alter doesn’t want to be found out but wants to come out for a bit.

Certain circumstances or stressors can cause a particular alter to emerge.

True…-ish. The words “a particular alter” can mean anything. The vibe I’m getting from the first page of this article is that a “particular alter” is a two dimensional “protector”.

The various identities may deny knowledge of one another, be critical of one another or appear to be in open conflict.

Again, true. But wait! In one moment, the writer said that the alters were not identities. Now he’s saying they are?
Explain, movie! EXPLAIN!!

The individual experiences two or more distinct identities or personality states (each with its own enduring pattern of perceiving, relating to, and thinking about the environment and self).
NOOOOO. Identities and personalities are not the same thing! That’s like comparing apples and oranges. It doesn’t work. But, aside from that inaccuracy I’m probably going to murder chipmunks over, this is true. Alters do tend to perceive things differently than front-runners do.
The reported range of identities is from 2 to more than 100. Half of the reported cases include individuals with 10 or fewer.
Again, this is true. But please, Psych-To-day, please stop using “identity” and “personality” interchangeably. Please?
At least two of these identities or personality states recurrently take control of the person’s behavior. Each may exhibit its own distinct history, self-image, behaviors, and, physical characteristics, as well as possess a separate name.

Not exactly. An alter takes control of the body not the behaviour. To me, saying the alter takes over the front-runners behaviour is like saying the front-runner is acting. The alter takes over the shell not the front-runner.
Particular identities may emerge in specific circumstances. Alternative identities are experienced as taking control in sequence, one at the expense of the other, and may deny knowledge of one another, be critical of one another or appear to be in open conflict. Transitions from one identity to another are often triggered by psychosocial stress.
This is partly true and already gone over in the last page. So I shan’t bother you with my explanations now. But I will beat into your head one more time that not all transitions are caused by negative psychological stressors.
Frequent gaps are found in memories of personal history, including people, places, and events, for both the distant and recent past. Different alters may remember different events, but passive identities tend to have more limited memories whereas hostile, controlling or protective identities have more complete memories.

Again, no. Well, partly no. It is true that different alters remember different things, but alters can fill the front-runner in on things. BECAUSE THEY CAN COMMUNICATE. Out there, isn’t it? And what the hell is a passive alter? Is it an alter that hangs out and doesn’t do much? Explaaain. And putting hostile and protective alters on the same level is…not a good idea. That, and while alters can be aggressive/hostile, that tends to be a violent one and the other alters don’t let it come out too much, if at all. There’s also no “protective identities”. (Romanticised by Sybil: 3)

Symptoms of depression, anxiety, passivity, dependence and guilt may be present.

Okay, yeah. I’ll give you that one. But ask yourselves: Why is Multiple Bob depressed, anxious, passive, dependent, and/or guilty? Those emotions shouldn’t really be used to diagnose someone with Multiplicity, in my opinion and if you use them then that’s as bad as thinking BattleField Earth is a good movie.
In childhood, problem behavior and an inability to focus in school are common.

Eh….numbers and dependable studies, please?

Self-destructive and/or aggressive behavior may take place.

Again, I wouldn’t doubt this, but I want me some studies!

Visual or auditory hallucinations may occur.

Please tell me what this means. We’ve all fucking hallucinated. You know when you hear your name but nobody called it? HALLUCINATION. Talking to your alters (or seeing them, as that’s how I’m reading this) isn’t a goddamn hallucination. If you want hallucinations, look up positive schizophrenia.

The average time that elapses from the first symptom to diagnosis is six to seven years.
WHERE ARE YOU GETTING THIS?!? I don’t understand why you aren’t citing your sources! (*possibly * Romanticised by Sybil: 4)

The disturbance is not due to the direct psychological effects of a substance or of a general medical condition.

THIS ISN’T A SYMPTOM!! Explanation of a cause is not a fucking symptom.

I hate the writer of this article.  I really do and I’m not even done with this. Ugh. Wish me luck. > <

Why some people develop DID is not entirely understood, but they frequently report having experienced severe physical and sexual abuse, especially during childhood.

THIS MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE. They’re talking about some people. Not the Romanticised by Sybil (count: 5) Multiples? Or maybe they are. I DON’T KNOW. Are they talking about the some they choose to listen to? Or are they talking about the minority? They aren’t telling us, so we don’t know!

Though the accuracy of such accounts is disputed, they are often confirmed by objective evidence.

What objective evidence?! Hypnotherapy?! What evidence?! Where are your sources, writer? Huh???

Individuals with DID may also have post-traumatic symptoms (nightmares, flashbacks, and startle responses) or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Flashback, in this (like many other) instances simply means ‘reliving’.
I suffer from PTSD (nightmares and startle responses brought on by the source that has nothing to do with my Multiplicity) and I feel that the parenthesised words in the above passage are just too vague. We’ve all had nightmares, but that doesn’t mean we have PTSD. Yes, I realise that the passage says ‘symptoms’ in one part, Douchey McNitpick, but tell me the eye-opening, mind-blowing difference these two things have when the damned writer is using “identity” and “personality” interchangeably. In my honest opinion, this guy probably doesn’t know the difference between the two.

Several studies suggest that DID is more common among close biological relatives of persons who also have the disorder than in the general population.

This…isn’t making sense to me. Are they saying that Multiplicity is genetic? And, again, what studies? I want to know.

As this once rarely reported disorder has grown more common, the diagnosis has become controversial.

You already said that. Also, thank you, writer, for telling us why this diagnosis has become controversial. I’ll give you a hint, reader: IT’S THE FUCKING MEDIA.

Some believe that because DID patients are highly suggestible, their symptoms are at least partly iatrogenic— that is, prompted by their therapists’ probing.


Brain imaging studies, however, have corroborated identity transitions.

You already said this, and yet you’re obfuscating the issue by giving us false information and buying into the stereotypes while acting like you don’t. Yeah. Right.

The primary treatment for DID is long-term psychotherapy with the goal of deconstructing the different personalities and uniting them into one.
I hate you, writer. So fucking much.
Integration should never be the goal unless a system is to unbelievably crippled that the front-runner cannot function in everyday society. Telling Multiples to integrate is telling them to MURDER. I do not want Victoria and Dorian to be me anymore than they want to be me. I don’t want to kill them.
If you’re going to treat these other people as simple personalities that are 2D then Multiples  (and alters alike) wouldn’t be crying at the thought of integration.
So if you want to be responsible for death go ahead and integrate. Take control over someone emotionally vulnerable you money-hungry therapist. Fuck you.

Other treatments include cognitive and creative therapies. Although there are no medications that specifically treat this disorder, antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs or tranquilizers may be prescribed to help control the mental health symptoms associated with it.
There are no medicines that properly “treat” this “disorder” because every system is different.
Any of the drugs listed here are likely to sever communication and fuck everyone in the system. If you have a psychiatrist who wants you to take these then kick him in the balls. Promptly.

A note:
~It’s not a disorder until the front-runner’s life (or the whole system) is screwed over and unable to function properly. A Multiple’s system is a lot like a clock. It cannot work properly if something is missing. Be it a spring or something bigger.

This is not ours, and we give all credit to Ameturasu, who spent a long time dissecting this. She wins infinite internets for this.


Edit: Put Ameturasu’s handle. Have no idea why that did not show up when I edited it two days ago… -_-;


Review of “The Woman with 15 Personalities”

Isis here! Well, folks out there in internet-land, it’s my first post, and it’s been decided that I do the review of The Woman With 15 Personalities on Discovery Health. It premiered last night, and we decided to check it out.

So, we, or at least I, was expecting something different from the trite, ridiculous, stereotypical nonsense that we saw. Of course, Eris wasn’t surprised in the least, but she’s cynical, so she has low expectations when people try to speak about people like us. So, onto the review, shall we?

First off, I didn’t know we made wind chime sounds when we switched. That’s news to me. Maybe the “dissociation” makes me unaware of it? (Note, some people do dissociate and lose time, but the assumption that everyone does is BULLSHIT. If you do, you do, but we don’t. You know what they say about assumptions…) Aside from sounding like a sparklepyre going out into the sunlight whenever the woman switched personalities, there were a lot of other things that were wrong with this special.

First off, the “Labeling of the separate selves”. Instead of different people with different unique looks and personalities, they are categorized into boxes like “The Inner Self Helper”, “The Protector”, “The Temptress”, “The Scared Child”, and so on. The all had their own names, likes, and dislikes, but of course, “They’re not really people”. (More on that in a bit) These labels are harmful to the person/alter who gets forced into this role, especially the ones stuck into the role of the “Self-Harmer”. You tell someone something enough, they are going to believe it, and this is true of us as well. We are seen as disordered, fucked up, crazy, insane, and other things, even if we function. We MUST have an unstable person living there. We did in fact have a violent and unstable resident. However, we have personal responsibility, and made sure that she didn’t hurt the body or others. Then, we talked to her, and sought to communicate with her. She is no longer violent, and can handle herself quite well. Celeste has been doing very well, and she is able to interact without us worrying about her harming anything. This is what a functioning system does; Takes responsibility for their family. We are aware at all times what of what the others are doing. There was no responsibility in the system. Freedom, the “Temptress”, got away with ordering porn and doing other things to make the “Host” uncomfortable and fear that she had reckless sex with strangers while Freedom was out. My question is, what the fuck was going on in the system to allow it to happen? This is disordered, not because she’s multiple, but because they can’t communicate. Example, say I had killed someone. Then everyone else is responsible for not keeping me in check. Everyone would be held accountable, because we have a responsibility to everyone living here to make sure that we don’t fuck up.

Also, the therapist was a huge dick. He was condescending as hell. “Alters aren’t people. We don’t see little skeletons popping up in brain scans” Well, jackass, what the FUCK do you consider a person? Someone with their own personality traits, emotions, thoughts, ideas, tastes, and so on, right? Oh wait, we lack a separate body, so we must NOT be people. Silly me, I guess I don’t have a fully formed personality. Or separate tastes, thoughts, and ideas/sarcasm. We have all of these things, aside from a body. So, why are we not counted? Why is it so threatening to consider us people? Is it because it fucks your perception of what is “reality”? Whatever the reason, the therapist was lucky he wasn’t talking to us. Eris would chew him out in a heartbeat.

The most disgusting thing in this “special” was when he talked about integration being the goal. He coldly talked about “integration by firing squad” and how the “alters” see it as a death sentence, and rightfully so. The “host” was crying, and she was scared and frightened of integrating. He stated that patients go through the stages of grief when integrating. One of the alters was sobbing about not wanting to disappear. If a system fully agrees to be integrated, that’s a different story. However, this is a decision that the system needs to reach on its own. The psych on there seemed like he was coercing her and her system into it. It was disgusting. If you feel as though you lost a family member, then what does that say about integration? And what of systems like us, who refuse to integrate? Fuck that bullshit, right there. Air is adamant about protecting our right to live. If she was ever told to integrate us, she’d probably flip out.

Also, this bullshit about being in extensive therapy? Haha no. Air herself is in therapy, for reasons completely unrelated to us and the way we are. We’ve never even been accused of being more than one person. This therapist gave a bad name to therapists like the one Air has, who is understanding and supportive. This one was cold, callous, and disgusting. He and Discovery Health perpetuated the same bullshit psycho circus sideshow that we see when singlets decide what we are and force us into some bullshit category and role that doesn’t fit us. Fuck that.

I feel horrible for the woman in question, and her system. They need help, and they’re not getting the proper help. Of course, the story ended with the woman happily working towards integrating into one personality. Nothing mattered except that she was just like everyone else. No mention of functionality was brought up that I remember, and it didn’t seem like she had the choice to keep everyone separate and live with multiplicity as a communicative system. It made it seem like integration was the “way to go” for everyone “suffering” from this “disorder”, and bravely triumphing over it!/sarcasm.

It is brave to get over abuse. It is brave to share your story. However, we can NOT condone the views held by experts on the show that treats us as disordered, weak victims who need some shrink to put us on meds and make decisions about what they feel is best for us, even if we disagree. Therapy can help, but not if you’re forced into things that go against what you feel is right, which is clearly the case shown in this segment. You’ve failed miserably, Discovery Health. Thanks for perpetuating the same myths we fight to get rid of.

We wrote Discovery about the issues we had about the show, and we are waiting to hear back from them. We’ll update this if/when we get a response, or if we don’t.


Air’s update: Well, we got a response.

Dear Viewer:

Thank you for contacting Discovery Health. We appreciate your
correspondence and for taking the time to share your thoughts and concerns
with us about The Woman with 15 Personalities.

In an effort to ensure the highest quality programming, comments such as
these are taken very seriously. Each and every comment is forwarded on to
our programming executives for review and consideration. Maintaining the
integrity of all of our networks is our primary goal. It is these types of
comments that contribute to creating change and improving our programming.

Again, thank you for contacting Discovery Health.


Viewer Relations
Discovery Health

Way to go, Discovery Health. Stay classy.

What We’re All About

Well, this has been a long time coming. The others and I have been debating, and we all decided now is the time, especially seeing that extremely irritating “special look into the life of someone with DID” on Discovery Health. It was utter contrived bullshit. Bullshit, I tell you, like watching Sybil all over again. So, you want to know what it’s like for someone who is multiple? Well, it’s not that different from being a singlet. We all have our separate identities, names, places of origin, age, ect. We have no stereotypical “roles”, and we aren’t static caricatures of people. We are people. How hard is that to understand? There isn’t a serial killer, or a temptress, or a “Protector”, or any of that nonsense.  It’s just us, and what we are. We were not the result of abuse. I’ve been the other voice inside the “Host’s” head for years. Yes, we’ve been abused, long past the age where our psyche would have “split”. I’ve been around for years, long before anything happened. The more recent walk-ins  may have been late to the party, but it doesn’t make them less of a person or co-owner of the body. Now, before I get any further into ranting territory, We should probably introduce ourselves a bit. Here is a bit of info on the members of the system:

I am Eris. I chose the name because she was the more interesting of the Greek Goddesses. For those who believe in the spiritual aspects as we do, I do not claim myself as the Goddess in any way, shape, or form. I just like the name. Anyway, I am the more domineering of the ones who live here, and am sometimes the one who gives advice, though gods know how many times I’ve needed advice from others in the system. I generally have a temper, though I’ve been managing it far better. I love writing, music, smoking cigarettes, and generally being alone. I do deal well with some people, but I’m not exactly a social butterfly. I tend to keep most closed off  from my other sides, so most would stereotype me as “The Angry Protector”, or “The Temptress”. However, I’m far too hotheaded for a protector, and I’m quite monogamous, thank you very much. I am a grammar fascist, and I try to use proper English and grammar at all times, and generally lay off the cursing much more than the others in the system. I am also not the “core”, or the one who is out more, but I’m the one to start us off in this little venture. I generally speak slower, and have a lower voice.

The next in our system is the “main”, Air(Not her real name). Air is a typical college student, who goes to class, does papers, and has many friends, a steady long-term relationship, and happens to have us floating around her mind. She’s been through a lot of rough stuff, but generally keeps her chin up about everything. Sometimes she’s a stress case, but being an English major isn’t easy. Her friends are all aware of us, and some of us have met her friends and introduced ourselves. She’s had a pretty easy time coming out as, among other things, a multiple, as well as a pansexual and gender neutral person. So coming out as “fringe” in society isn’t all that difficult for her. She’s taken everything in stride. Plus, being around people who understand helps a lot.

Isis, AKA the impish one, is childlike, and the closest thing to a child that we have in the system. That being said, she is certainly not a child. She is an adult, though most perceive her as younger than she really is. Isis is also a given name, and it is only a nickname. Her real name is something that she keeps fairly private, and only myself and my partner know her true name. Aside from that fact, she is much more talkative than myself, and even Air. She is not shy about meeting anyone, and freely introduces herself a lot. She is warm and bubbly, generally going out of her way to help out others in the system. She has a higher pitched almost nasally voice, and speaks at a faster pace. She also bounces around when she’s excited. She’s our resident metal enthusiast, and is the only one in the system who can do death metal vocals. It’s quite a feat.  She’s a little out there, but all around, she is a good resident.

Our token male, Maahes, is never out. He’s quiet, and was a two-for-one with Isis, (Hence the Egyptian nicknames), and she is the only one he talks to on a regular basis. He doesn’t like being a male in a female body, so he prefers to stay in the background. He is generally off on his own, or talking with Isis.

Our newest, Celeste, is also quiet. Formally a more violent resident(We prefer the term Alter, simply because we have a host. We don’t use it to make us seem as somehow inferior, we just like the way it sounds. Not every system uses Alter.) , she has since reached out to communicate with the rest of us. She is British, and is a poet. Her favorite artist is Emilie Autumn, and she is from the Victorian Era. Generally soft-spoken, and only comes out around the partner. She will probably devote more time to writing poetry on here.

Anyway, that is our system. Now for a quick run-down.

What you will  most likely see on this blog.

Different viewpoints from the group

How we manage, our inner workings

Dealing with being “out”

Dealing with other issues, not related to being multiple, but that affect us.

Dealing with media and perceptions that are not accurate for us and other multiple systems out there.

Comments from the peanut gallery.

What you will NOT see.

Us being referred to as “broken, fractured, ect.” We are all people, we just have the same body.

Us using our situation as an excuse. We have personal responsibility, and the greater responsibility of having to take care and look out for others in our system. We keep tabs on everything, and make sure that no one does anything stupid. We live by a strict code, and we take responsibility for those in the system. No, we do not cheat, we do not commit crimes, ect. Don’t believe everything you see on TV.

Stereotypical Sybil bullshit. We don’t act like that. It actually insults us, a lot.

Integration. We are not doing it. None of us want to integrate, and aren’t even sure if we can. We are family, and after hearing about how we pretty much “die”, why would anyone want to go through that? Air is perfectly happy the way things are, and has been amazing with accepting the walk-ins, sharing body time, and making sure everyone has their needs met.

Any of the “leading” information on multiples. Almost every “expert” writing on multiples has no idea how we work, and how we function. One of the reasons we’ve started this is to show another view from someone who ACTUALLY has it, not people who think they know what they’re doing, or the extremely sensational cases (Such as the clusterfuck that was “The Women with 15 Personalities”.  More on that next time.)

Anyway, it is 3:18 AM. I believe this is a decent start.

~ Eris ~

*Edited for grammar, spelling, ECT.