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Thank you Skeptic’s Dictionary

While using stumbleupon one day, I came across The Skeptic’s Dictionary. This is a site where you can go to see a skeptic’s response to everything under the sun, all in alphabetical order. When I found it, I looked up MPD, to see if maybe he had written something different. Of course, there was the same thing you would expect from anyone who isn’t multiple, and had never experienced it, as well as things on false memory syndrome, and things of that nature. He had concluded that MPD didn’t exist. So, I decided to write to the person who created the site, and let him know about multiplicity from our perspective. This was a few months ago. So, even though I wasn’t expecting it, he emailed me back right away. I told him about our experiences, and of sites he could find to check out our POV. I decided today to check out the section again, and I found it updated with links to Astrea, Collective Phenomenon, and Ex Uno Plures, and a small section about those of us who do not consider multiplicity a disorder. I’m excited, because this is a widely read site, and it will help get the word out about us. I would like to thank The Skeptic’s Dictionary for updating the section.