A peek inside my head.

Well, I finally finished my sketches of everyone. And scanning them on my mom’s computer was a bitch. No joke. So here they are!

Me, Eris, Isis before her split, Celeste, Isis after her split, Maahess, and A.

This is our family, as weird looking as some of us are. Some things were cut out because they had too much personal information on them



  1. Victoria Said:

    O-O A looks like s/he’ll eat me.

    Nice drawings, though. They certainly paint a picture of who’s who.
    Kind of makes me want to draw everyone. 😡

    • Victoria Said:

      Friggin emoticons. Messing up my post.

    • ACIE Said:

      Hahah! You should! I want to draw the BF’s too. And you can totally tell by the posts alone who’s talking. It’s pretty funny. Ha, Maahes looks like a Heartless, for real. I didn’t realize it til I tried to draw him. Usually he’s just big glowing eyes looking around. Emoticons… So evil

    • ACIE Said:

      And yeah. A looks like s/he’d eat anyone. She’s spooky. <.< Not one to fuck with.

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