Finally back, with something to write about.

Well, it’s been forever since I’ve written anything. Work has been soul sucking, and there hasn’t been much to write about. For one, I’m FINALLY working on my manuscript for a novel, with the two main characters being naturally multiple. Loosely based of off my first meeting with my boyfriend, it’s going to explore natural multiplicity. It should be pretty awesome, and it will knock down a lot of the stereotypes that surround the community. Two, Isis of our Pack split, so we now have another member, A, who will not be writing for the most part. We would like to welcome our “newest” member to the family, and hope s/he/it enjoys her/his/its stay here. So things are pretty interesting up here. I also have drawings of everyone, and will post them ASAP. My boyfriend will also be writing in the near future, so that is something to look forward to. Work has been sucking my soul, so it’s been difficult to write for the most part. I will try to at least update every other day, from this point forward, to make sure I stay on point.

Anyway, the last thing is that I FINALLY talked to my therapist. He was really cool about it as well. He was genuinly interested, and let me talk without judging me as a crazy person, nor threatening to send me to a psych ward. Yay! I think he felt more honored I could trust him with this, because I told him about my fears. It made me feel good. It took a bit of explaining, but I think it went well. I’m glad I have such an awesome therapist. It was really good to put it out there, not because I’m having problems with it, but like I’ve said before, we need to get therapists to see our side. I brought in my copy of When Rabbit Howls and he asked me about it, and we went from there. He only talked to me, but that’s fine. The others in the Pack are still a little shaky about talking, but Eris volunteered to go first should he ask. We are pleased with this development. It was nerve-wracking, but we wanted to do it. We’ll talk to him at our next appointment, whoever wants to, and it should be interesting. I’m pleased it went well.

It felt good to get it off my chest, and the others are relieved as well. As a firm believer in honesty, I felt that to have good sessions meant to be completely honest about this, because of how big of a deal this is in my life. Being multiple is what I am, and what we are. So it makes sense to want to be honest about it. At least, to me it does. And, I’m paying for therapy, I should be able to trust my therapist to tell him things of this nature without fear of being deemed “mad”. After all, if you don’t trust your therapist, it’s not doing you any good. Of course, it still applies not to be dependent. You can trust them, but you can’t make every life decision based on what they say.

Coming up, a few posts and hopefully my review of When Rabbit Howls in the next few days. The BF should be posting here soon as well. Sorry it’s been forever. Work’s been evil. <.<




  1. Victoria Said:

    😀 Glad to see your back! Even my summer job is soul-sucking. Work does that to you unless you really love what you’re doing. > >

    Isis left? NOOOO!!! Any idea why?

    Hello A!

    • ACIE Said:

      She didn’t leave. She just split. So now we’re up to 6. <.< She just looks a little different now. Some stuff was going on with her, so splitting made things easier.

      A says Hello. And yeah, it's soul sucking. At least my supervisor is awesome. Also, we got into a car accident with the BF and a friend on Tuesday, so things might be a bit hectic. He's in the ER getting checked out again, so I might have to write less. Plus, my summer class starts soon.

      • Victoria Said:

        Now I feel silly. Looking back and reading that post, split meant something different than I thought. > >;

        Everyone’s okay, I assume?

      • ACIE Said:

        Yeah, He injured his neck though. He went back to work. He was also on steroids, so it’s probably best we didn’t see each other, really. Those things are not good. He seems a lot better now. I bought him a bottle of vodka and a new Zippo. Plus I have my fancy cigarette holder LOL. I know, split sounds like left. I should post my drawings of them. I finished them, so I think it would be cool! Think I’ma do that now… I have some other things that people want to talk about, so they’re going to be chiming in as well. Plus, I need to finish my book, and get First Person Plural from my friend. I’m excited!


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