Sorry for my absence.

Hi, all. I’m sorry I’ve been absent and not responding to anything. I just got a new job, and it’s temp, so I’m trying to make as much money as possible now. That means working most days for like 8-10 hours. Plus, I have to ride my bike everywhere, and I haven’t done that in years. Before that, I had finals. So, I apologize for that. Anyway,  I’m trying to write more, and join up with Pavilion Hall, which is a multiplicity activist group. Also, if any multiples want to start a group here on WordPress, let me know. I’m new to this site, so I have no idea how things of that nature work. I think it would help get the word out, and help with publicizing that we are not crazy. Sorry this is short! I should have a few more posts within a few days. Also, My partner should also be doing some writing for here as well (If he’d get his ass in gear, LOL.). So keep an eye out for that. It should be… interesting, to say the least 🙂 anyway, that’s all for now, I’m probably going to have some new stuff in the next couple of days, hopefully. Thanks for reading, guys. You rock!



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