Coming out.

We’ve been officially “out” to our friends for a long time. Honestly, I can’t think of a single bad response. We’ve been lucky in that respect. We also knew well enough that maybe we shouldn’t bring this up in therapy. However, we’re still n00bs to the empowered multiplicity community. We remember trying to find the words to describe us. “We have MPD, but it’s not a disorder, if that makes any sense. It’s not bad, we all talk to each other, I just have different people living in my head.” We’ve been just as harmed by the misinformation by others who aren’t aware that there is such a thing as empowered multiplicity. We found out about this all of three weeks ago. It’s been a relief. We remember, plainly sitting in Psych class in High School, watching Sybil, feeling connected to something in it, but doubting our own experience because we didn’t have the same symptoms, nor were we horrendously abused as a child. Never mind that I made myself known Air’s whole life, and that I was only just recognized last year, thanks to a wonderful system that we know and love. It took that long, because we were told that this couldn’t happen. We were told that we shouldn’t be able to function as a system, because we should be dissociative. (Isis: Or that we are “cancer”. Yeah, guess I’m a tumor then, right Discovery Health?)

So, finally, we’re out now. We’ve been out for a while. And we’ve been lucky. We have the most supportive group of friends. We have friends who don’t care how many of us there are, and accept all of us as the separate people we are. We’re even out to our mom, who’s OK with it. (Still doesn’t get it, but she’s working on it). So, that’s our coming out story, for those who read this blog. 🙂 Also, We’d like to take this time to thank our partner(s). If it weren’t for that system, well, you might not be talking to me now. They got the ball rolling for us to get involved, by letting us be ourselves. So, thanks guys. And to Air’s mate; I know we fight a lot, but I do like you, most days. Thanks for being there, for everyone. ❤



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