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What We’re All About

Well, this has been a long time coming. The others and I have been debating, and we all decided now is the time, especially seeing that extremely irritating “special look into the life of someone with DID” on Discovery Health. It was utter contrived bullshit. Bullshit, I tell you, like watching Sybil all over again. So, you want to know what it’s like for someone who is multiple? Well, it’s not that different from being a singlet. We all have our separate identities, names, places of origin, age, ect. We have no stereotypical “roles”, and we aren’t static caricatures of people. We are people. How hard is that to understand? There isn’t a serial killer, or a temptress, or a “Protector”, or any of that nonsense.  It’s just us, and what we are. We were not the result of abuse. I’ve been the other voice inside the “Host’s” head for years. Yes, we’ve been abused, long past the age where our psyche would have “split”. I’ve been around for years, long before anything happened. The more recent walk-ins  may have been late to the party, but it doesn’t make them less of a person or co-owner of the body. Now, before I get any further into ranting territory, We should probably introduce ourselves a bit. Here is a bit of info on the members of the system:

I am Eris. I chose the name because she was the more interesting of the Greek Goddesses. For those who believe in the spiritual aspects as we do, I do not claim myself as the Goddess in any way, shape, or form. I just like the name. Anyway, I am the more domineering of the ones who live here, and am sometimes the one who gives advice, though gods know how many times I’ve needed advice from others in the system. I generally have a temper, though I’ve been managing it far better. I love writing, music, smoking cigarettes, and generally being alone. I do deal well with some people, but I’m not exactly a social butterfly. I tend to keep most closed off  from my other sides, so most would stereotype me as “The Angry Protector”, or “The Temptress”. However, I’m far too hotheaded for a protector, and I’m quite monogamous, thank you very much. I am a grammar fascist, and I try to use proper English and grammar at all times, and generally lay off the cursing much more than the others in the system. I am also not the “core”, or the one who is out more, but I’m the one to start us off in this little venture. I generally speak slower, and have a lower voice.

The next in our system is the “main”, Air(Not her real name). Air is a typical college student, who goes to class, does papers, and has many friends, a steady long-term relationship, and happens to have us floating around her mind. She’s been through a lot of rough stuff, but generally keeps her chin up about everything. Sometimes she’s a stress case, but being an English major isn’t easy. Her friends are all aware of us, and some of us have met her friends and introduced ourselves. She’s had a pretty easy time coming out as, among other things, a multiple, as well as a pansexual and gender neutral person. So coming out as “fringe” in society isn’t all that difficult for her. She’s taken everything in stride. Plus, being around people who understand helps a lot.

Isis, AKA the impish one, is childlike, and the closest thing to a child that we have in the system. That being said, she is certainly not a child. She is an adult, though most perceive her as younger than she really is. Isis is also a given name, and it is only a nickname. Her real name is something that she keeps fairly private, and only myself and my partner know her true name. Aside from that fact, she is much more talkative than myself, and even Air. She is not shy about meeting anyone, and freely introduces herself a lot. She is warm and bubbly, generally going out of her way to help out others in the system. She has a higher pitched almost nasally voice, and speaks at a faster pace. She also bounces around when she’s excited. She’s our resident metal enthusiast, and is the only one in the system who can do death metal vocals. It’s quite a feat.  She’s a little out there, but all around, she is a good resident.

Our token male, Maahes, is never out. He’s quiet, and was a two-for-one with Isis, (Hence the Egyptian nicknames), and she is the only one he talks to on a regular basis. He doesn’t like being a male in a female body, so he prefers to stay in the background. He is generally off on his own, or talking with Isis.

Our newest, Celeste, is also quiet. Formally a more violent resident(We prefer the term Alter, simply because we have a host. We don’t use it to make us seem as somehow inferior, we just like the way it sounds. Not every system uses Alter.) , she has since reached out to communicate with the rest of us. She is British, and is a poet. Her favorite artist is Emilie Autumn, and she is from the Victorian Era. Generally soft-spoken, and only comes out around the partner. She will probably devote more time to writing poetry on here.

Anyway, that is our system. Now for a quick run-down.

What you will  most likely see on this blog.

Different viewpoints from the group

How we manage, our inner workings

Dealing with being “out”

Dealing with other issues, not related to being multiple, but that affect us.

Dealing with media and perceptions that are not accurate for us and other multiple systems out there.

Comments from the peanut gallery.

What you will NOT see.

Us being referred to as “broken, fractured, ect.” We are all people, we just have the same body.

Us using our situation as an excuse. We have personal responsibility, and the greater responsibility of having to take care and look out for others in our system. We keep tabs on everything, and make sure that no one does anything stupid. We live by a strict code, and we take responsibility for those in the system. No, we do not cheat, we do not commit crimes, ect. Don’t believe everything you see on TV.

Stereotypical Sybil bullshit. We don’t act like that. It actually insults us, a lot.

Integration. We are not doing it. None of us want to integrate, and aren’t even sure if we can. We are family, and after hearing about how we pretty much “die”, why would anyone want to go through that? Air is perfectly happy the way things are, and has been amazing with accepting the walk-ins, sharing body time, and making sure everyone has their needs met.

Any of the “leading” information on multiples. Almost every “expert” writing on multiples has no idea how we work, and how we function. One of the reasons we’ve started this is to show another view from someone who ACTUALLY has it, not people who think they know what they’re doing, or the extremely sensational cases (Such as the clusterfuck that was “The Women with 15 Personalities”.  More on that next time.)

Anyway, it is 3:18 AM. I believe this is a decent start.

~ Eris ~

*Edited for grammar, spelling, ECT.